Premiere: 'Wendigo Ft. Deya' (Lyric Video) 


2015 Indspire Awards Pt. II

We had a great week in Calgary preparing for and performing at the 22nd annual Indspire Awards. 

Huge thank you to everybody involved! Was such a great experience. 

The show will air on Global TV and APTN at a later date. Watch this space for updates.   



2015 Indspire Awards 

Soooooo...The BIG news is...In 2 weeks time I will be flying to Calgary, Alberta to perform at the Indspire Awards. The awards recognize Indigenous professionals and youth who demonstrate outstanding career achievement. The actual awards take place on Friday, February 27th at the 2,500 seat Southern Alberta Jubilee Auditorium. This will be my first time performing in Calgary. I am so honoured to be able to be part of such a positive, inspirational event. Thank you to the amazing Jennifer Podemski for inviting me to perform. Other performers that night include Tanya Tagaq, Dani and Lizzy, Candy Palmater, LightningCloud, Santee Smith among others. It's hosted by Lorne Cardinal and Kyle Nobess who have both been on a couple of my favourite TV shows. Joining me on stage will be the incredible Aivi Dam on secondary vocals, Juwayon Clarke on bass and Otis Williams on drums. I couldn't dream up a better group of musicians. I don't want to give too much away but the outfits, the set, the multi-media content down to every detail is just all sooooo amazing! You don't want to miss it. But don't worry if you're not able to attend in person, the show airs on both Global Television and APTN (my first time appearing on APTN since Aboriginal Day Live 2012) at later dates. This is an incredible way to kick off 2015. I am very excited to take in the love and inspiration that will surely be in the room on February 27th.


'Neon Warrior' Album Release! 

My debut album 'Neon Warrior' is officially out and I couldn't be more ecstatic! I am so in love with it from front to back. The entire thing is streaming on Soundcloud (or on the music page of this site.) You can purchase it on iTunes later this week. 

I would like to thank everybody who co-wrote or featured on the album; Tia G, Aivi Dam, George McLeary, Ben G, Deya, Gal Harper, John Burgess and Diane Gordon. I would also like to thank Ben G for the cover art. 

Would like to thank my amazing team (Tia G, George McLeary, Aivi Dam) and Gal Harper for an incredible album release show on Saturday. Big thank you to all of the people who came out and showed love. 

February is a HUGE month. A lot of big stuff coming up later in the month especially. Watch this space for updates.

And go get your copy of the 9 track album 'Neon Warrior' on iTunes NOW! 


New Christmas Music

George McLeary released his brand new 6 song Christmas EP today! We've been working on it together since early September. This EP is a great showcase of his UNBELIEVABLE voice.

George has appeared on all of my solo recordings and live shows in the past year. He is also featured on my upcoming album. I am so happy he now has a fun project out to showcase his amazing voice. You can check out the whole thing on soundcloud.

We also shot a fun little video on the weekend to accompany my personal favourite 'This Christmas.' If this doesn't make you smile - I legitimately have no idea what will.